Corbally construction take on all kinds of construction work no matter how large or small

Corbally Construction offer customers a wide range of House Extension services. Including some truly amazing House Extensions by the House Extension team. Our team of Builders have over the years managed to gain a reputable reputation when it comes down to any type of  House Extension work for clients.


Corbally Construction believe that the space you have around your house can be the start of something totally amazing and it can be used for almost everything and anything. The House Extension team have the technical knowledge and know how that can be used to fully utilise the space that is found around your house. Adding a a new  House Extension is a good solution for a bigger, more modern kitchen. A  House Extension can be designed to create an amazing Living area area to Entertain and Dine or perhaps even office space for a home business. The House Extension team can ensure that you get the most out of your house.


  • Side Return Extension
  • Glass Extension
  • Single Storey Extension
  • Double Storey Extension
  • Over Structure Extension


At Corbally Construction we are constantly offering our clients a wide range of Refurbishments. Our Corbally Construction have a wide range of knowledge when it comes down to refurbishing your house, this knowledge has increased greatly for every consecutive year that we have been up and running.


At Corbally Construction we believe that the space inside your premise is just the start of everything and anything. Our Builders have a vast amount of knowledge when it comes down to turning all of the empty space inside your house into a room which can be used and enjoyed for many hours, not only this but it will also add a great deal of value to your house.


We feel that refurbishments are the best way for any house owner to add a large amount of value towards their property while still being able to enjoy the extra space provided.


If they are required to do so then our Corbally Construction will be able to talk you through the entire process of your refurbishment from the start to the finish of the project.


Here is a list of what we will cover in a refurbishments service:


  • Initial Design.
  • Planning and Supply of Materials.
  • Foundations and Groundwork.











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